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Welcome to the Social Entrepreneur Guide! Inside you will find everything you need to help you in your research in social entrepreneurship. There is information about colleges offering degree programs in social entrepreneurship , a guide to finding funding for your social enterprise and a job board if you are interested in a career in a company that is doing social good.

Interested in A Social Entrepreneur Degree?

Congratulations on your decision to look into social entrepreneur degree programs. You are following in the foot steps of some titans. Begin by first reading an overview of what social entrepreneurship is all about . Then, check into the list of schools we’ve compiled that offer degrees in social entrepreneurship. Check back often or sign up for our mailing list. We will keep you updated when we add new schools.

If you know of a school that offers a social entrepreneur program, please let us know .

Interested in funding?

If you are hear looking for funding, sorry, I don’t have any money for you! What I am doing though is compiling a list of organizations that provide grants and captial to companies that are doing socially responsible things. You can find the social entreprenur funding guide here .

Social Entrepreneur Careers

Finally, I’ve put up a job board for careers in social entrepreneurship . There are jobs from many different types of companies. If you are interested in a career in social entrepreneurship please check it out. If you are unsure of your abilities, we advise you improving employability skills.

Stay Up To Date

I have a blog where a curate all of the best social entrepreneur information from other sites around the internet. You can see the latest posts in the sidebar to the right or go directly to the blog .

Contact Me

If you have any information about social entrepreneurship that you’d like to share please contact me .

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