American University School of International Service

The School of International Service at American University has launched a school-wide Social Enterprise Program . Based in the new SIS home (a structure designed by a leading social entrepreneur , William McDonough), it builds on and expands our approach to teaching social entrepreneurship. For many years our graduates have started new NGOs and led change efforts in existing international organization. We have always been a school centered on a mission of service. This program is the latest expression of that purpose.

The centerpiece of the Program is our new graduate Master of Arts degree in Social Enterprise.

The Program is intended to support SIS students who want to create and work in social ventures . These drive societal change by providing innovative, economically sustainable solutions to public problems.

Social ventures selectively borrow and adapt the logic of the private sector to address issues that have traditionally been beyond its scope. They often work across established sectors , blurring distinctions among public, private, and nonprofit activities.

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